'Piece of My Heart' out now!

Today we’ve launched our largest fundraising campaign in our 50-year history and The 72 Club’s first single, ‘Piece of My Heart’ is out now!

Prompted by the 27 Club, a group of young musicians whose unresolved struggles resulted in their tragic deaths at just 27 years old, we’ve created our own club – The 72 Club. Well-known artists including Suzanne Lynch and Larry Morris have recorded ‘Piece of My Heart’, a song made famous by Janis Joplin.

Every year Lifeline saves lives through listening, however to answer every call we need funds as 0800 LIFELINE is not a government funded service.

The 72 Club is a club that anyone can join and by doing so you’re saying that you plan on having a long and happy life, and you want to help other Kiwis do the same.We’re asking Kiwis to donate, download the song and purchase merchandise to help Kiwis live a life well lived.

Find a way to support Lifeline, and together we can help Kiwis believe that life is worth living.

To donate or buy merchandise go to the72club.co.nz website.