Every day 15 to 20 people at high risk of suicide call Lifeline

A further 300 calls and 700 texts are sent and received daily through Lifeline’s national 24/7 counselling service.

We support people of all ages with an enormous range of issues.

Many people struggle with loneliness and need a sense of connection. Some need to talk through relationship difficulties. Others need support for clinical mental health issues including addiction, anxiety and depression. Some are suicidal.

The demand for mental health support is ever-increasing yet Lifeline receives no government funding. To enable our counsellors to be there to answer each call, we need your help.

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Make a difference

Become a Lifeline Legend for less than $1 per day. Your monthly gift of $30
will make a huge impact.

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Become a Lifeline Legend

We’ve started a new movement for people who want to help reduce mental health distress and save lives.

We need your help to ensure that everyone can access the support they need, when they need it – no matter where they are, or who they are.

The Lifeline Legend movement recognises that every financial contribution to the Lifeline helpline is critical.

By signing up to a donation of less than $1 a day, you become a Lifeline Legend because you’re literally helping us to save lives.


You'll help fund every call and text

Every supporter who signs up to be a Lifeline Legend helps ensure Lifeline is always there when people need us. The more support we receive, the more calls we can answer.


Regular updates

When you become a Lifeline Legend, you’ll receive regular updates on how your support is making a difference to thousands of New Zealanders’ lives.