Our People


Glenda Schnell

Executive Director

Rhonda Tyrell

Helplines Operations Manager

Renee Mathews

Clinical Manager

Katarina Gordon

Suicide Prevention Manager & Interim National Training Manager

Dominic Boekweit

Fundraising Manager


Advisory Group

  • Steve Cole
  • Simon Johnston
  • Lorna Murray
  • Gilli Sinclair
  • Di Paton

Clinical Advisory Group

  • Dr Daniel Shepherd
  • Dr Margaret Agee
  • Ms. Paula Yeatman
  • Ms. Katarina Gordon

Our Board

Lifeline Charitable Trust

  • Ms. Margie Apa
  • Mr. David Hansen (Chair)
  • Mr. Champak Mehta

Presbyterian Support Northern

  • Ms Margie Apa (Chair)
  • Ms Judy Whiteman (Deputy Chair)
  • Ms Angela Sanson
  • Mr Jeremy Fleming
  • Mr David Hansen
  • Mr David Boswell
  • Ms Robyn Corrigan
  • Ms Amiria Te Whiu

Our Ambassadors

Makaia Carr
Makaia is the incredibly talented founder of inspirational online businesses Motivate Me NZ and M Fit Ltd. Makaia has since sold both businesses and is now focusing on blogging, social media, public speaking and mentoring. An advocate for women’s wellness and mental health, Makaia is passionate about the role that Lifeline plays in supporting people and preventing suicide. We are thrilled to have Makaia as an official ambassador for Lifeline.

Cori Gonzalez-Macuer
Cori is an actor, Billy T Award-winning comedian, regular on 7 Days and star of What We Do In the Shadows

After the death of his father through suicide and his own experiences with mental health issues, he’s been a tireless advocate for suicide prevention and encouraging people to seek help. 

Cori is a great supporter of Lifeline, helping to raise awareness and funds to support the work we do.