About Us


About Us

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Lifeline Aotearoa has been helping New Zealanders in crisis for over 50 years.

Our free community helplines (Lifeline 24/7, Suicide Crisis Helpline, Kidsline) as well as our text support service HELP (4357) are answered by qualified counsellors and trained volunteers from call centres in Auckland and Christchurch. We also provide specialist counselling and corporate and volunteer training.

We receive over 10,000 calls from people of all ages and ethnicities who are struggling with a wide range of issues including relationship and work problems, mental health, grief, abuse, bullying and loneliness. We help an average of 6 people a day at high risk of suicide.

Calls to our helplines are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We receive no government funding for these helplines and reply on the public donations.

Presbyterian Support Northern

Lifeline is part of Presbyterian Support Northern, a non-government organisation in the health and social service sector.