Corporate Support

We're grateful for our compassionate corporate supporters who help champion healthier workplaces and communities, while providing vital funds for our helplines and textline. Here are some ways your business can support Lifeline Aotearoa:


A corporate partnership can be tailored to you. We can work with your people to achieve your business's objectives within your workplace and community. 


Fundraise to directly support Kiwis in distress and raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention in your community. Another great benefit of fundraising is it helps us gain more supporters, who are essential to keeping our services going in Aotearoa.

Get in touch for fundraising inspiration, resources and support.

Payroll Giving

Give employees the opportunity to donate directly to Lifeline and receive a third of their donation as an immediate tax rebate.

Matched Giving

Matched giving is an excellent way to show your support of your people and Lifeline Aotearoa. We can assist you by providing fundraising support to achieve your goals.

For more information about supporting Lifeline, please contact Chloe via email at or call 021 208 4202.