Training for Workplaces

For over 50 years Lifeline has specialised in providing support to people experiencing emotional distress in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Using international best-practice and evidence-led ‘brief-intervention’ support methodology, Lifeline’s staff and volunteers support hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders each year across a range of community and government-funded helplines. Increasingly, staff in both corporate and government organisations find themselves interacting with a number of clients and customers in distress. At times, these staff experience distress themselves as a result of either workplace or personal stressors. Recent changes to Health & Safety legislation mean this situation requires staff to be trained and confident in managing distress in themselves and others, as well as knowing their organisation’s processes for providing further support to keep them safe and well.

Such distressful interactions can be challenging for staff to manage effectively and may result in staff stress, absenteeism and, ultimately, higher staff turnover. Using Lifeline’s considerable experience in the health and wellbeing space we are pleased to offer a range of workshops and seminars to organisations. These learner-centred experiences are carefully designed to help staff successfully manage interactions with distressed clients/customers in a way that supports both parties whilst realising organisational outcomes.

Training Content

Our training seminars and workshops can be tailor-made to suit your organisation’s requirements and be anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on your needs. We identify and focus on key areas specific to your organisation and ensure our training resources and participant activities support mutually agreed upon identifiable learning outcomes. Some areas where we can support your staff safety and professional development include:

Zero Suicide Workplace

In response to New Zealand’s appalling suicide statistics, Lifeline are working on a fresh new initiative which will see employee wellbeing being utilised as a platform for equipping everyday Kiwis with the skills to combat this epidemic. This initiative is the Zero Suicide Workplace and is an accreditation awarded to an organisation that have implemented a number of components. These include a Wellbeing Survey, new Policy Guidelines, Training on ‘Resilience’, as well as workshops and information supporting ‘Suicide Awareness & Prevention’; and ongoing support through one of Lifeline’s online or helpline support options. This initiative arose from Lifeline’s desire to have as many people as possible trained in suicide awareness and prevention; and through equipping our workforce, these vital lifesaving skills transfer through to family, whānau, friends and communities of trained employees.

For information about Lifeline’s range of tailor made training seminars and workshops, and how your organisation can become a Zero Suicide Workplace, please contact us here or email