New Lifeline training and support aimed at helping businesses and call centres

28 March 2024

At a time when many New Zealand businesses and community groups are feeling more pressure than ever, Lifeline is stepping up with a new training and support service specifically for teams and managers.

Provided by Lifeline’s training arm, Lifeline Connect, the Professional Mental Health and Wellbeing Training is focused on increasing individual and team confidence to skillfully support people experiencing distress or crisis. There is also specific call centre training to help teams manage complex calls.

Lifeline Connect Manager Stephen Bell says the Managing Complex Calls training and support package is aimed at businesses with large customer bases who want to help their call centre staff better address the needs of customers experiencing any type of vulnerability.


“With stress levels rising due to the increasing cost of living, we know many call centres are having to address additional and often complex customer needs. Loss of income, debt and other financial difficulties are common themes, as well as health issues, life events, grief, stress and mental health.

“Increasingly, businesses are expected to recognise, respond and manage challenging, complex and high-risk calls appropriately. Our award-nominated specialised training helps people look after their own mental health and wellbeing; as well as develop their skills and understanding to safely recognise, rate and respond to stress, distress and risk in others,” says Stephen Bell.

In the financial services sector, for example, the Financial Markets Authority expects businesses to address the additional needs of customers experiencing vulnerability or who are in vulnerable or stressful circumstances.

Post-training, the programme provides Real-time Phone Debriefing where staff can phone Lifeline for a debrief session after a stressful call with a customer. Find out more about Lifeline Connect here or call 0508 266328.

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