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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Businesses

Lifeline Connect offers comprehensive educational training and support services tailored for corporate environments.

Our training programmes are designed to equip employees, team leaders, and community professionals with the skills to enhance their own wellbeing and confidently support colleagues in distress or crisis.

Lifeline Connect can help businesses to

Develop empowered and connected teams

Develop empowered and connected teams

who can safely and effectively reach out and support others in need.

Build resilience

Build resilience

across teams who are regularly responding to others who show signs of distress or risk.

Improve culture and retention

Improve culture and retention

by mitigating on-the-job burnout and compassion fatigue.

What we offer

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Business Teams

Enhance your team's confidence and skills to effectively support colleagues experiencing distress or crisis.

Our foundation modules, "Connect with Self" and "Connect with Others," are delivered through two three-hour face-to-face sessions, typically over two weeks. This training includes online pre-work and post-work reflection activities, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful learning experience.

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Managing Complex Calls Training for Call Centres

Tailored for organisations with call centre environments, our specialised “Managing Complex Calls” module leverages 60 years of call centre expertise. This training is designed to equip teams with the skills to handle challenging, complex, and high-risk calls effectively.
Building on the foundation modules, this three-hour face-to-face session provides practical strategies and support for managing difficult conversations in a professional setting.

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Follow-up Training for Ongoing Skill Development 

This session is designed to reinforce learning from our training programs by integrating real on-the-job experiences. It aims to increase confidence and ensure that the training's impact is long-lasting and effective in everyday work situations.

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Additional Services

LLC debrief service

Real Time Phone Debriefing

A service unique to Lifeline. The Debrief service provides real time on-the-phone debriefing for people regularly responding to complex customer and client issues.

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Lifeline Connect training and supporting services provide:


facilitated by qualified and experienced trainers.


when engaged in client-facing work by focusing on recognising stress responses and regulating healthy responses when supporting others.


by learning to observe and assess signs of distress and risk while developing skills to engage in caring conversations.


to enable those working in call-centre environments to effectively and safely manage challenging, complex and high-risk calls with clients.


to reinforce learning post-training by using real on-the-job experiences to increase confidence and build sustainable skills.


through our professional debrief service for people regularly responding to complex customer and client issues.

Interested in joining our mission to build a connected network of human support, enabling skilled and healthy mental wellbeing conversations and interventions?

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About Lifeline Connect Training

Established in 2019 as a division of Lifeline Aotearoa and part of Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN), Lifeline Connect is dedicated to fostering a culture of early intervention and risk prevention in workplaces across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our vision is to empower businesses with the skills and knowledge to address mental health and wellbeing proactively. Leveraging our instructional design expertise and clinical oversight, we have developed training programmes that adhere to best practice
learning principles, ensuring maximum impact and skill development.

Today, we proudly deliver our training and support services to a diverse range of New
Zealand organisations across various business and community sectors.

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For more information about our training and services, please fill out the enquiry form or contact our team on:

Phone: 0508 266 328

If you would like to find out more about Lifeline Aotearoa's mental health support services for individuals, please click here